Terms and Conditions


THE FEE, as outlined in your contract, is payable as follows: £1,000 on signing this contract, 50% of the total fee six calendar months before the event date and the balance two calendar months before the event date. All payments are non-refundable. Failure to make payments on time will result in the automatic cancellation of your booking and no refunds will be due to you.

The fee is for use of the rooms listed in clause 3, the grounds and gardens and the marquee furnished for a wedding breakfast. It does not include Registrar's fees, flowers, food, drinks, entertainment etc.


A SECURITY DEPOSIT of £1,000 is required, payable one full calendar month before the date of the event. Stoke Hall is a listed building. The Booking Parties are responsible for any damage to the buildings, gardens, grounds or contents by any act, default, neglect or accident caused by the Booking Parties, their guests, family members, etc. In the event of damage or loss to the buildings, grounds, gardens or contents howsoever caused, the security deposit will be used to repair or replace such damage or loss. The Booking Parties will pay to Stoke Hall Weddings on demand the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss and for any loss of business as a result thereof which is not covered by the Security Deposit. Failure to make payments on time will result in the automatic cancellation of your booking and no refunds will be due to you.

Your Security Deposit may also be used for any additional expenses arising from your failure to comply with any clauses listed in this agreement.

The Security Deposit minus any deductions, which we will itemise, will be returned to the Booking Parties within 30 days of the date of the event.

We recommend that you take out Wedding Insurance.


THE ROOMS available are The Orangery, The Dining Room, The Grand Reception Hall, Lord Bromley’s Study and The Old Library.


We are happy to meet with you for as many site meetings as are required. To protect the privacy of ourselves and other Booking Parties, all visits must be by appointment.


Once the celebrations have commenced within the marquee, the rooms and Secret Garden will no longer be available for use. In any event, the Secret Garden is not available after dusk or at any other times at our discretion when inclement weather or other factors may make it unsafe.


ONLY PRE-APPROVED PROFESSIONAL COMPANIES OR PERSONS may operate at Stoke Hall. This includes all persons providing decorations, flowers, entertainment, drinks and food of any description or other services. This is to protect the health and safety of all persons visiting or operating at Stoke Hall.


All drinks can only be purchased from our in-house selection provided by Weavers Wine Merchants and must be ordered and paid for in full 30 days before your event date, with the exception of drinks bought at our paying bar. Wines and champagnes can be purchased on a sale or return basis. Bottles for return must be unopened, in perfect condition and must not have been removed from the premises. Our wine and drinks prices may vary due to currency, duty and VAT fluctuations and also changes in vintage. Should you require a particular vintage or wish the price to be fixed at the time of your booking, this can be done by purchasing your wines in advance and Weavers Wine Merchants will gladly store them for you free of charge.


The caterer you select from our approved list will provide all of the food for the duration of your celebration at Stoke Hall Weddings. You should contact the caterer directly for details of their terms and conditions and payment terms. The prices quoted on our outside caterers sample menus may change due to fluctuations in VAT and seasonal increases in produce costs.


Only drink and food purchased through our in-house drinks supplier and approved caterers may be consumed on the premises. We reserve the right to confiscate any drink or food brought to the premises.


Stoke Hall Weddings accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to personal possessions or equipment of the Booking Parties, guests, visitors or operators at Stoke Hall.


FORCE MAJEURE. If we are unable to host your event due to circumstances beyond our control such as Acts of God, civil disturbance, government intervention, war, national or local disasters, fire, flood, strikes, labour disputes or licensing issues, our liability shall be limited to the maximum amount of the booking fee already paid to Stoke Hall Weddings by the Booking Parties.


ALL VULNERABLE PERSONS such as children, the elderly, persons with physical or mental impairment, persons with hearing or sight problems etc. must be supervised at all times. It is the responsibility of the Booking Party to inform their guests that there are potential hazards at Stoke Hall such as, but not limited to, ponds, a swimming pool, uneven paving and steps, paving and steps which may be slippery when wet, unprotected drops in the grounds and gardens, movement of vehicles, animals in the fields and barbed wire at the perimeter fence. Children may cause injury to themselves or others if left unattended anywhere at Stoke Hall. The Booking Party accept this and will not hold Stoke Hall Weddings liable for any accident or injury to the Booking Parties, their guests, family members, operators etc.


NO PETS OR ANIMALS are allowed at Stoke Hall except for guide dogs for the blind.


REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE. Stoke Hall, the gardens and grounds require on-going maintenance and repairs. The Booking Parties accept this and will not hold Stoke Hall Weddings liable in any way for any nuisance, inconvenience, disturbance, annoyance or loss caused by the presence of any trades persons and associated equipment and materials. During an event, any repairs or on-going work would be restricted to essential emergency repairs or maintenance.


THE FIELDS surrounding Stoke Hall are owned by others and the Booking Parties accept this and will not hold Stoke Hall Weddings liable in any way for any nuisance, inconvenience, disturbance, annoyance or loss caused by the presence of farm animals, machinery etc or any activity taking place in the fields.


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT brought to Stoke Hall must have a current PAT certificate and it is the responsibility of the Booking Parties to check that any persons hired by the Booking Parties have current PAT certificates for their equipment.


STOKE HALL IS A NO SMOKING VENUE. Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas.


ONLY ORGANIC CONFETTI may be used within Stoke Hall or the grounds.


NOTHING MAY BE AFFIXED by any means including sellotape, tack, pins etc. anywhere within Stoke Hall, the marquee, grounds or gardens unless agreed in advance in writing.


NO FIREWORKS DISPLAYS, NAKED FLAMES OR THE RELEASE OF LANTERNS or BALLOONS are permitted at Stoke Hall unless agreed in advance in writing.


FINISHING TIME. The Booking Party are responsible for finishing promptly, booking all taxis or other departing vehicles in advance and asking their guests to behave quietly and responsibly as they return through the village of East Stoke. If your event runs beyond the agreed time we will use your security deposit to pay for any additional expenses we may incur or to ensure that guests are assisted from the premises.


We hope it won’t be necessary, but unfortunately we have to state: Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. We take all threats and verbal abuse seriously. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the premises and ask any person, or group of people, to leave the premises entirely at our discretion. Our staff are trained to refuse to sell drinks to people who appear drunk. Anyone who appears drunk will be asked to leave the premises in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. We take a zero tolerance approach to drug use. Under no circumstances will we permit the use, carrying or selling of any controlled substance on the premises. Any person breaching this rule will be asked to leave the premises and will be reported to the local police.


Our interpretation of the terms, expressions or meaning in this agreement is final.


At Stoke Hall Weddings we are committed to making your wedding celebrations as perfect as possible. If you would like to make changes to your arrangements at any time, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate and help you. Any changes must be confirmed by both parties in writing or by email.


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